Founded by Polynesian Elders, Water Researchers, Water Advocates, Wisdom Keepers, Water Sommeliers, Social Alchemists, Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers, Global Catalysts, Consciousness Researchers and assisted by Scientists, Grandmothers, Native American Elders, Musicians, Artists, Water Lovers and Water.

Verified by our Youth, the Next Generation, this is an international, intergenerational, trans-disciplinary approach to create a Call to gather all knowledge systems and water wisdoms and tell a new story… or really to remember an old story of water.

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With the foundations in Humility, Respect, Gratefulness and acknowledgment of Unification, summing trust, collaboration, and the ability to be guided by the wisdom holders, we will continue the mission of sharing deeper truths that will secure water restoration and with it, ensuring life on earth for future generations.

Prior to voyaging together we ask only the 4 elements in the preparation of a journey, following in the traditions of Polynesian Voyagers:

  • Engage the wisdom of Humility

  • Embrace the wisdom of Respect

  • Sustain with the wisdom of Aloha

  • When there is discordance or when it fails bring in the wisdom of Forgiveness and begin again.

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Originally seeded in Oahu Hawai’i when a meeting took place between Samoan Papaliʻi Failautusi “Tusi” Avegalio, Jr. (Dr Tusi) and Maat Thor on a water pilgrimage from London who was guided there by Kahu M. Kalani Souza on Big Island. Suggesting there was probably enough New Water Science to understand and affirm Indigenous Wisdom and thus had potential to reach a far wider audience Maat was met with the response from Papaliʻi Failautusi “Tusi” Avegalio with his beautiful soft yet powerful voice simply with ‘Its time’… ‘You bring the Scientists’ and I’ll bring the Elders… the future is a weave between all the knowledge systems, we can’t get there alone… but we have to hurry as the Elders have less time’.

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This movement starts with your support beginning on the 22nd of March and will continue to inspire solutions for this and future generations throughout this year and many years to come.

We honour with our service all the indigenous people responsible of maintaining the 85% of the biosphere alive and those who gathered and kept ancient wisdom. The countless innovators, scientists, researcher and lovers of water. And most and foremost we honour and reverence Water for giving us life, connecting us all, and making this possible.

We are looking forward to this incredible journey with you, united. Please add your voice to ensure water freedom and purity by sharing your history, invention, art and any expression of deeper wisdom you can offer. You are invited to spread and feed the new relationship with water, and by that with yourself and life in any nature form.