Water Structure & Activation

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MANAVAI - OmniQard® 


MANAVAI OmniQard® 

"By bringing more coherence into our body, we contribute to more coherence in the world"

With the help of the OmniQard®, a small, portable, quantum resonance device the size of a credit card, the structure of the water molecules in our body become more coherent. It stabilizes the natural water-clusters  in our body’s fluids, therefore reducing the total energy needed to maintain our bodily functions.

It may offer a solution for symptoms caused by EMF exposure

  • headache

  • fatigue

  • depressive symptoms

  • restlessness

  • pain and other physical complaints caused by EMF exposure.


The unique technology of the OmniQard® allows it to affect an area of approximately ± 6 ft radius,


Inter-cellular water is an important buffer to protect body-cells against incoming electromagnetic fields. The OmniQard® strengthens and restores the  body’s inherent ability to reduce the negative effects of  EMF radiation by up to 95%,


100% of proceeds will directly support our movement, water projects & organizations.



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MANAVAI - Blue Love Bottle 1Lt.


Blue Solar Water

Blue Bottle Love glass water bottles are the ideal vessel for making Ho`oponopono Blue Solar Water and honoring and blessing water everyday. As Blue is the primordial color for water, water is reminded of its original innocence and returns to zero point.


Placing your water filled blue bottle in sunlight for 30-60 minutes helps to amplify and accelerate this cleansing, rejuvenating process.  We love to leave it out in sunlight for 1-12 hours in our 5 liter jugs, and absorb huge amounts of solar information and then leave the bottle out overnight to take in the moonlight and the cool night air.  This is actually a Ho`oponopono cleansing tool known as Blue Solar Water.  The synergy of sunlight, clean water and Blue Glass, aka sym.blue.ology,  creates an environment very much like the deep blue Ocean…the deeper the Blue….the more potent effect the blue frequency has on water.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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FLASKA - Emoto Peace Project


FLASKA Emoto Peace Project

Flaska has been cooperating with the Dr. Masaru Emoto laboratory from Tokyo for a long time now. They produced the water crystal photographs of the water which came from Flaska water bottle. With the Flaska Emoto Peace Project Edition, they have taken their collaboration to a whole new level. Flaska has become a partner of the Emoto Peace Project and part of the proceeds from the sale of this model will be donated for the publishing of the children’s version of the book The Message from Water.

The water crystal, which is engraved on the Flaska bottle protective cork sleeve, formed after Dr. Masaru Emoto exposed the water to the positive effect of the words “Love & Gratitude”.


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Bottle Topper


Bottle Topper for Screw Top Water Bottles

This portable device is perfect to transform and optimize the water (living water) in your glass bottles. Available for different glass bottle tops (EU and North America).

Within this unit you will find high quality stainless rings and mineral compounds of nature under high pressure to generate higher vibrations.  It has shown to harmonize and impact the memory of the water passing through it.


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WaveRider - EMR Protection


WaveRider - EMR Protection

The WaveRider is the only scientifically proven proprietary Noise Field technology device that protects against the harmful effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR), without affecting the nature of the electromagnetic waves.

The WaveRider brings "Noise Field technology" right into the comfort of your home or office, creating a 9-meter radius sanctuary that protects you and your loved ones from harmful EMR. The WaveRider does this without affecting the transmission quality of your WiFi or mobile signals.

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Your personal health ring is a very powerful quantum battery. The full-spectrum life energies work to heal, sustain and protect all living cells and empower biological functions as well as enhance mental, emotional and cognitive function while stimulating consciousness.

The field-effect emanates out from this Personal Health Ring, naturally harmonizing the energetic field of the body, your home, and your animals. At neurological and biochemical levels, it has a great impact; generating 50 million negative ions per second that interact with your electromagnetic field and benefiting your subtle bodies.


You can stick in your pocket or wear it (necklace) and enjoy all the broadspectrum frequencies benefits, essential mineral and elements, organic materials that humans, plants and animals body require, all the way down to the amino acids.

€95.00 - €125.00

Online Courses

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Jen Isabel Friend - Internal Oceans

Biohack your BODY ECOLOGY for mega-hydration, super vitality and ultimate longevity.


Dive deep into a new paradigm of new research in quantum biology and cutting edge discoveries in hydro-biophysics tha reveal the the fluid systems of the body as the central axis of health.

Internal Oceans is a professional-level training program, ideal for:

  • Health Coaches

  • Wellness Professionals

  • Biohackers

  • Alternative Medicine Practitioners

  • Nutritionists

  • Ecologists

  • Any human with a body, who wants it to thrive


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Jen Isabel Friend - Navigating Waters

Not all water is created equal, and different kinds of water can affect our physical and mental health very differently.


Dive in for just 10-20 minutes per day

for 7 days of empowering guidance that will help you stay hydrated

for the rest of your life!


Explore how tap, bottled, reverse osmosis, distilled, alkaline, and spring water affect your psychology and physiology.
Find out where to access the highest quality water.
Learn tips, techniques, tools and strategies to uplift any water into a more vibrant hydrating elixir.
Bio-hack your lifestyle to optimize your hydration. Find out simple actions you can take to make sure you're actually absorbing every drop you drink.




Erin Brockovich

Superman's Not Coming

Erin Brockovich- Superman's Not Coming

From environmental activist, renowned crusader, champion fighter, maverick—a book that looks at our present situation with water and shows us how we can each take action to make changes in our cities, towns, and villages, before it is too late.

"Brockovich is a vocal, no-nonsense writer--Roberts might even have downplayed her fire in the movie ... The tales she tells show how addressing water issues at the source can make a big difference all the way down the chain."--Heather Hansman, Outside

"Brockovich urges people to continue to fight for what they believe in ... [Her] belief in individual activism--rather than relying on leaders, corporations, or the government to handle the water crisis--is the guiding theme in her new book ... inspirational."--Sam Gillette, People

In Erin Brockovich’s long-awaited book—her first to reckon with conditions on our planet—she makes clear why we are in the trouble we’re in, and how, in large and practical ways, we each can take actions to bring about change


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Rick Ferguson - Dear Mother

Letters to Mother Earth from humanity. This book is a collection of letters to our mother, Mother Earth. The letters range from apologies, to acknowledgements, to questions and realizations. She has always shown us, taught us, and demonstrated to us - the ways, the perfection, and the wonder of nature.


Rick Ferguson - Dear Mother

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Veda Austin - The Secret Intelligence of Water

Veda Austin - The Secret Intelligence of Water

The Secret Intelligence of Water takes a quantum leap from the spring board of Masaru Emoto's microscopic work with ice crystals. Through macroscopic photography, and a groundbreaking new technique, researcher Veda Austin, allows us to view water as an intelligent force, with the power to respond to human consciousness in ways never before thought possible.

Focused on the stage between liquid and ice, Veda has spent the last eight years photographing water in a state of 'creation'. She uses influences such as words, thoughts, pictures or music pre freezing, and then captures water's liquid crystal response minutes later. For example, an image of a hand will appear in the ice after the thought of a hand was sent to the water.... even simple words have manifested into form!

These amazing results suggest that water is intentionally communicating through artistic, intelligent design. The substantial visual evidence seen in this book supports the indigenous knowledge systems across the planet, that regard water as a living being.

Veda believes that an emotional connection to water is key to creating change in the way we treat our natural world. She says, "If we think water can feel, we will care for it. If we think it is intelligent, we will learn from it."


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Gerald H. Pollack - The Fourth Phase of Water

Gerald H. Pollack - The Fourth Phase of Water

Professor Pollack takes us on a fantastic voyage through water, showing us a hidden universe teeming with physical activity that provides answers so simple that any curious person can understand. In conversational prose, Pollack lays a simple foundation for understanding how changes in water's structure underlie most energetic transitions of form and motion on earth.


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Rainey Marie Highley - The Water Code:

Unlocking The Truth Within

Rainey Marie Highley - The Water Code

Imagine an undisclosed legacy that contains the secrets of millennia past. Consider the possibility that a species of profound capacity co-exists and shares our experience of life on Earth. The Water Code reveals that water—in spite of its apparent simplicity, seemingly endless abundance, and presence within our physical bodies—is a highly evolved species holding billions of years of planetary history within its molecular structure. In this book, water initiates communication with humanity by sharing a message of compassion, empowerment, transformation, and enlightenment.

Water discloses that it is coded to release Earth’s Akashic Records at this exact moment in human evolution—a moment when the collective vibratory frequency has opened the floodgates of Truth.The Water Code guides readers through the process of establishing communication with water. Instruction is offered to aid one on this journey within, facilitating an increase in personal frequency by making and drinking harmonized water, integrating color, and balancing and energizing the 13 chakras. With communication established, water’s code can be unlocked through focused meditation on a sacred geometric "Key" presented in this book. This unlocking reveals secrets of the 9 quantum realms of the Microverse and provides readers with an initial exploration into Earth’s Akashic Library.

The Water Code is more than just a book. It is an act of compassion on behalf of water, offering humanity the insights and tools necessary to facilitate Earth’s transformational jump into a new era of Harmony, Freedom, and Truth.